YOUTUBE -The First Ever Online World of Entertainment

Entertainment has advanced a lot in the current time as a whole. There are various fascinating platforms available online for human usability with various varieties of content to offer. But the earliest available in India was YOUTUBE originally an independent venture but ow a Google product.

A lot of content on offer in various languages and genres, YouTube is itself a universe of different media items. Basically, it is a video-based platform where-in you can create your account and get going with uploading some stuff for the world to see. In this fast-growing social media governed world, YouTube truly acts as a wonderful medium for individual and group of creators to get their content out in the open for the public. These days all the big celebrities and production firms also have their YouTube channels to get their content more viral. You have access to almost everything on this platform like sports, news, movies, music, DIYs, etc. Especially in India, we have a lot of individual creators making the most of their talent by making vines full of humour, pun and entertainment for the public. Some people also use this platform to showcase some of their vlogging or technical talent. We have gameplays and game reviews as well to go about in this gaming geeky virtual timeline. 

This also helps you personalise your content after you login using your Google account. It automatically shows you content after your initial usage based on the topics that may excite you or catch your attention in the first go. You can create playlists for your favourite songs, videos and any other content you may be interested in. This even has an option for subscribing the person’s or firm’s channel so that you get regular updates whenever they upload any new content. Now with the coming of other platforms of entertainment, under the guise of competition YouTube has come up with its set of web series releasing on various channels currently present. This content is aimed at attracting people of all ages and brings up some piece of content that the normal public can easily relate to.

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There’s also a live streaming feature that most of the creators use to connect better with their viewers and to gain much for love. Around after approximately 3-4 years of the release of YouTube in India, this platform brought in the idea of monetizing the videos which the creators upload. It has been a success since then and many people in India have devoted themselves to YouTube as a full-time affair and this has become their earning method. 

Talking about the basic UI, it has been loved since the initial times and has been considered one of the favourites by the public. You are given the option to download some specific videos you like and also add some to the ‘Watch Later’ list if you are busy with something and don’t want to lose out on your favourite content. With YouTube now operational in more than half the globe, it has region-specific content as well and also displays the trending videos in the country so that the viewers are always assured of quality.

Over the years YouTube has only gained charm and love from the watchers and is assured to be doing the same for the upcoming times. With evolvement in the things for online entertainment, this platform is always up to the challenge to keep up with the trend and get straight onto the track.